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全球首例自动驾驶致死案背后,谁来担责的法理探讨 A legal discussion, "who is to blame"  on the world's first fatal case of self-driving cars
Recently, the world's first case of self-driving car fatality has occurred, so the question is, who should bear legal responsibility for the accident?The driver?Car companies?Or the autopilot provider?There is no doubt that self-driving cars will gradually lead to a series of legal system and social reform.
互联网平台竞争分析,去中心化的挑战 Analysis of Internet platform Competition, the Challenge of "decentralization"
The Nobel laureate Sir John Hicks famously said that "the greatest advantage of monopolistic profits is a quiet life", in which monopolists do not have to worry about competition. However, the fact is that even if the Internet platform is very large, it still faces fierce competition. In the Internet era, "cross-border" competition has become a normal, any monopoly platform, at any time face the risk of "barbarians" knocking at the door, erosion and even replacement.

Data "conflict" and Regulation: an Analysis of Competition Policy from the Perspective of Economics
In recent years, with the rapid rise of the digital economy, there are more data "conflicts" between enterprises. Big data, coupled with the concepts of bilateral market, network effect and platform economy, makes the problem more complicated. As far as the Internet industry is concerned, will big data restrict competition?



You need a VR device to give birth, to deal with anxiety, to socialize

戴着VR生孩子是怎样一种体验?实验证明,VR镇痛的效果显著。此外,调查表明,VR还可以协助治疗焦虑症、自闭症等,甚至还能减肥……VR的影响力其实并不限于 游戏 电影等娱乐行业上,教育、医疗、工业、零售都有可能受到来自VR的冲击。

What is the experience of having a child in VR? The experimental results showed that the analgesia effect of VR was remarkable. In addition, research shows that VR can help treat anxiety disorders, autism, and even lose weight... The impact of VR is not limited to the entertainment industries such as "games" and "movies". Education, medical care, industry and retail are all likely to be affected by VR.



The Direction of Government Regulation Reform under the New economy:Smart supervision and regulation sandbox


According to the forecast of relevant organizations, the scale of China's new economy will reach 32 trillion yuan by 2020, accounting for 35% of GDP, and will exceed 50% or even reach 80% or so by 2030. The following question is whether the existing government regulation system is applicable to the new economy in the process of developing?What kind of reform and innovation should be carried out by government regulation?

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